About Dr. Hans Vischjager.

Dr Hans Vischjager, born during the Second World War in the Netherlands, belonged to the Second Generation Holocaust Survivors. At the age of 14 he immigrated with his family to America. After spending two years in the American Army, he went back England, where after becoming a Registered Mental Nurse he continued studying. He first succeeded in obtaining a Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, which was followed by Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Advanced Psychotherapy, Character Analysis, Dream Analysis and Numerology. Eventually, he also obtained his ultimate goal in receiving his PhD. in Psychotherapy.

Besides having worked in various Psychiatric Hospitals in London, UK, Dr Hans Vischjager also conducted a successful private practice, which he now continues in Sri Lanka. The Psychological/Emotional conditions he treats are mostly forms of stress related problems, including Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Phobias, and Depressions. Marital, Divorce, Sexual and Child Abuse problems.

Clinical Hypnosis is an integral part of his work. Dr Hans Vischjager finds Hypnotherapy a very successful way of uncovering the original causes for people who suffer deep-rooted problems.

Dr Hans Vischjager also conducts regular seminars in Sri Lanka pertaining to his field of study but also on subjects such as Positive Imaging, Customer Relations and Stress Management.

Since coming to Sri Lanka he has written four books,
•    Psychotherapy Today
•    It’s All In The Mind
•    Numerology Explained
•    Sayings of Wisdom, which are available in book shops Island Wide.

He also conducts various Diploma courses teaching Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Mental Illness & Psychological Treatment, Clear Communication & Positive Thinking and Sex Therapy

Dr Hans Vischjager utilizes a unique philosophy regarding Psychotherapy:
Psychotherapy is defined as a way of relating and responding to another person, so that the person is helped to explore his/her thoughts, feelings and behaviour to reach self-understanding, and then is helped to find and use his/her strengths so that he/she copes more effectively with life by making appropriate decisions, or by taking relevant action.

As a Psychotherapist Dr Hans Vischjager deals with problems in a Holistic way, according to each patient’s needs, thus providing a dual effect, proven to be successful. HYPNOTHERAPY, is an effective and speedy technique of Psychotherapy utilizing the natural phenomena of hypnosis to gain immediate access to the roots of the presenting problem, situated deep in the patient’s subconscious.

Smoking, Slimming, addictions, performance, Stress, Anxiety, Worry, and Phobias can be tackled through this manner.

HYPNOANALYSIS helps the therapist guide the assimilation of the true lessons and points out the incorrect reactions. Understanding the past-misplaced reaction brings about a change in the patient’s present reactions. This also includes past life regression for therapeutic purposes.

Phobias, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Memory Problems, Depression are some of the areas that can be addressed through this.