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Brief Overview Of Relevant Courses

January 18, 2011 at 5:20 pm | Blog | No comment


Ideally the courses given should be in small groups of not more then 10/16 people, preferably an even number.

The courses may be on a one-to-one basis but which will be conducted in Negombo. In the event the student(s) are unable to come to Negombo and classes will have to be conducted elsewhere an additional fee per lesson per person will have to be added, to be paid at the end of each lesson.
The courses are able to be undertaken in Singhalese through a qualified translator. The coursework and tests will be in English. An additional fee will be added for the translator and should be paid at the end of each lesson.

Individual lectures on any of the subjects listed below an additional fee will be made. Each lecture last about 2 hours

The courses are also available via correspondence, by mail, email or Skype

The courses available at present are:

1. Basic Counselling (30 weeks)
2. Psychotherapy (18 weeks)
3. Hypnotherapy (9 weeks)
4. Psychiatric Patient Care Theory (30 weeks)
5. Clear Communication And Positive Thinking (8 weeks)
6. Sex Therapy (15 weeks)
7. Dream Analysis (8 weeks)
8. Numerology (7 weeks)

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