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I have been living in Sri Lanka for the past 10 years I work as a psychotherapist/ psychoanalist/ hypnotherapist/ sex therapist/ dream analyst. I have written 4 book named: Psychotherapy Today; Its All In The Mind; Numerology Explained and Sayings of Wisdom.

I further give lectures on the subjects named above and teach diploma courses in Basic Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Mental Illness & Psychological treatment, Clear Communication & Positive Thinking and Sex Therapy.

Besides working in Sri Lanka at various channel services , I see many clients who consult me either online or email. You may contact me for any of my diploma courses or therapy on my email at [email protected] or Telephone No: +94(0)773658250. People living outside Sri Lanka are able to consult me or follow courses via Email or Skype

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