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Basic Counselling Module:


01. Step One – Learning the Basic Skills of Counselling Techniques
02. "Getting to Know You" – A Familiar Pattern of Sessions
03. Active Listening – Listen for Meaning
04. Encouraging Body Language
05. Asking Questions – To Open Up or Close Down?
06. Paraphrasing – What You Think the Speaker Said
07. Summary – Focusing on the Main Points
08. Note Taking – Can Get a Little Messy!
09. HOMEWORK Yes, There Will Be Homework
10. The Goodie Bag and Other Fun Stuff
11. Technique References and Instructors


Step Two – Common Counselling Theories
12. Introduction to Counselling Theories
13. Client Centred or Rogerian Counselling
14. Holistic Health or the Biopsychosocial Model
15. Strengths Based Counselling and Positive Thinking / Learned Optimism
16. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ABC Model)
17. Solution Focused Therapy – Where Do I Want to Go from Here?
18. Existential or meaning therapy
19. Letting Go and Moving Forward
20. Theory References
21. Step Three – Putting Together Theory and Practice in Sample Sessions
22. Session One – Client Centred Counselling (Carl Rogers)
23. Sessions Two and Three – No Show and Cancellation
24. Session Four – Strengths Based Counselling (Positive Thinking / Learned Optimism)
25. Session Five – Cognitive Behavioural Counselling (Challenge the Lies We Tell ourselves)
26. Session Six – Holistic Health Counselling (Biopsychosocial Model)
27. Session Seven – Solution Focused Counselling (Where do I want to go from here?)
28. Session Eight – Existential Counselling
29. Becoming Unnecessary
30. Self-Help, To My Mind, Has Gotten A Bad Rap
31. Journaling Your Way to Better Health
32. Mood Mapping – For Better or For Worse!
33. Whole Health Check In
34. Socio-Economic Well Being Inventory
35. Know Your Community Resources
36. The Ten Things I Like About Me
37. People Lie / Common Lies
38. Goal-Setting and Achievement
39. Finding a Why To Bear a How: Life in a Time of Suffering
40. Shiny Happy People
41. Self-Help References
42. Continuing Education

There will not be any test papers with this course, but you will be assessed on your attendance and your participation

There are a total of 42 Modules. This can be completed within 30 weeks

Course time: 30 weeks @ one morning/afternoon per week (3hours) or by correspondence distant learning.

At the end of the course a diploma will be given.

Course fee per person has to be paid in advance.

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