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Unit 1:
The shadow – An Unexplored and Untapped Treasury

•    Loving the enemy within me
•    What is the Shadow?
•    Healthy personal growth needs shadow work
•    For healthy social relationship, befriend your shadow
•    Shadow reintegration work and the development of moral life
•    To grow spiritually, reintegrate the shadow

Unit 2:
The Jungian concept of the shadow

•    Carl Jung’s dream about his shadow
•    Through theory to self-understanding
•    Jung’s search for a theory of the shadow
•    The shadow: a metaphor to describe repressed material
•    The various forms of the shadow
•    How to classify the shadow

Unit 3:
The formation of the shadow

•     The story of the man with the seven masks
•    The formation of the persona
•    Persona and false self
•    Formation of a virulent and dissociated shadow

Unit 4:
Welcoming your shadow

•    The wolf of Gubbio
•    Three ways of understanding the unconscious;  Freud, Nietsche, Jung
•    Three pitfall to avoid in shadow work
•    How to manage your encroaching shadow

Unit 5:
Recognizing your shadow
•    The story of the lost wallet
•    Looking in the right place
•    Denying the existence of your shadow
•    Strategies for recognizing your shadow
•    How to recognize someone else’s shadow

Unit 6:
Owning your projections again

•    The story of the woodcutter who had lost his axe
•    The influence of shadow projections
•    What does it mean to project your shadow onto someone else?
•    “Re-appropriating” shadow projections
•    Jesus Christ denounces unhealthy projection

Unit 7:
Strategies for befriending your shadow

•    Loading my new boat
•    How strategies work
•    Conditions for reintegrating your shadow and your conscious self
•    Strategies for befriending your shadow

Unit 8:
Reintegration of the shadow and spiritual development

•    He story of the spring of living water
•    The shadow and morality
•    The shadow and the spiritual life

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