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Psychotherapy Module:


01. Introduction and Schools of Thought.
02. Course Philosophy and Design
03. The Client’s Need in Therapy
04. Initiating a Process of Chance
05. Self-Defeating Lifestyles
06. Relationships – Healing Together
07. Courage, Compassion & Confrontation
08. Emotional Awareness & Gut-level Feelings
09. Positive Attitudes in Recovery
10. The Client, The Therapist and Spirituality
11. Process of Psychotherapy
12. Evaluation Procedure
13. Treatment by Communication
14. Functional Neurosis
15. Affective Disorders
16. Psychosomatic reactions
17. Evaluating Assessment
18. Introduction to Hypnosis

After each lesson, a test paper will be given for the participant to complete before the following week.

After lesson 18, the participant will do a final examination. Once passed a diploma of competence will be issued.

Course time: 18 weeks @ one morning/afternoon per week (3hours) or by correspondence distant learning.

Course fee per person has to be paid in advance.

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